How Netflix Made the 2022 Upfront Completely Irrelevant

You probably saw the press announcements:  Disney booked a record $9 billion.  NBC Universal took home “its largest ever” upfront haul at $7 billion.  WarnerMedia Discovery made a splash coming together as a combined company for the first time.  They all boasted of record CPM increases and, most importantly, a massive shift of money to … Continue reading How Netflix Made the 2022 Upfront Completely Irrelevant

Reed Hastings – The Ultimate “Mad Man”

The headlines last week were head-spinning.  Elon Musk is buying Twitter, CNN+ shuttered barely a month into its existence, and Netflix took a pounding after announcing its first loss of subscribers in more than a decade.  Consuming media is our national pastime so it uniquely captures the attention of millions of consumers in ways no … Continue reading Reed Hastings – The Ultimate “Mad Man”

How Phil and Professional Golf Forgot About the Fan

Phil Mickelson has taken a beating the past month for his reckless and foolish comments about the Saudi-backed “Super Golf League.”  The responses from other players, sponsors and the media are understandable – you can’t ignore or whitewash the things he said. The PGA Tour also came down hard on Phil.  The officials at the … Continue reading How Phil and Professional Golf Forgot About the Fan

Forget Passion, Be Curious

“Find your passion.”  Sometimes it’s “follow your passion.”  How many times have young people heard this piece of advice?  The “find/follow your passion” mantra is not just for the young.  It’s common advice for dissatisfied or uninspired professionals at any age looking for a better path. It’s so prevalent because it holds a lot of … Continue reading Forget Passion, Be Curious

Your Career Will Self Destruct in 60 Seconds

10…9…8…7…it’s hard to beat the excitement of a good countdown sequence.  One of my favorites (and I make no apologies for being a Star Trek fan) is the classic scene in the movie “The Search for Spock” when Captain Kirk initiates the self-destruct sequence on the Enterprise.  It’s a dramatic, Hail Mary type of move, … Continue reading Your Career Will Self Destruct in 60 Seconds

When I Worked With Andrew Cuomo

My first employer after college was H.E.L.P., Inc, a not-for-profit organization that built and operated transitional housing facilities for the homeless in New York.  I remember nervously sitting in the conference room at H.E.L.P.’s headquarters on 33rd Street for my interview with the organization’s founder and president, Andrew Cuomo. It was 1991.  No one had … Continue reading When I Worked With Andrew Cuomo