The #1 Quality in a Professional

Talent, no.  Education, definitely not.  Experience, nope.  Creativity, sorry.  Integrity and leadership, very important but not it.  All those qualities and many others I didn’t name are wonderful and certainly aspirational for all professionals, but they aren’t #1. The most important quality in a professional today is availability. Availability is the #1 quality in a … Continue reading The #1 Quality in a Professional

The Future of TV is Bright and Gray

The conventional wisdom in the media industry these days is that Covid 19 delivered the knock out blow to traditional television. For almost 20 years prognosticators have been predicting that the Internet revolution would ultimately disinter-mediate broadcast and cable television just as it did newspapers and magazines. Television held on longer because of the complex … Continue reading The Future of TV is Bright and Gray

We Failed Our High School Seniors. They Will Do Better.

Today I’m venturing beyond the normal subject matter of my blog to share a more personal reflection.  For those who prefer reading about marketing and media, my apologies for this deviation.  For What It’s Worth will return to its regular programming with my next post. We let down our high school seniors and they have … Continue reading We Failed Our High School Seniors. They Will Do Better.

Careers in 20/20 – Dave Rotem

Careers in 20/20 returns with Dave Rotem, one of the most beloved and well respected people in the business.  Currently he's Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Nextstar Media Group where he oversees multimedia sales and marketing for WGN America, a national cable network available in 75mm homes.  Prior to joining Nexstar, Dave spent … Continue reading Careers in 20/20 – Dave Rotem