A Fast Paced Thriller

A narcissistic tech billionaire and a ruthless politician conspire to rig the presidential election. 

And only a disgraced, deeply flawed man can stop it.

All The Lies We Believe is a page turning political thriller with a plot straight from the headlines that you won’t want to put down, right until the shocking ending. Readers give it five stars and call the plot “gripping” and “thrilling.”

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Do It Again

Once a small child discovers something that delights them, they want to experience it over and over.  Any parent knows this all too well. Stacking the blocks and knocking them over.  “Do it again!” Catching them when they jump in the pool.  “Do it again!” Pulling them around the block in the wagon.  “Do it…

What’s On Tonight

That question was probably never uttered by any human until the mid-twentieth century and the arrival of the television set into the American home.  But once watching television became our favorite pastime, I’d bet no question has been asked more often by more people. In the days before SVOD and AVOD services, when your choices…

Welcome to Middle Age

When does middle age begin? Some believe it’s 40, others 50.  Friends of mine, especially those in their mid 40s, like to delude themselves that they aren’t quite there.  They enjoy reminding me that since I’ve past the big “five-o,” there is no debating that I’ve reached middle age. But let’s be honest, what we…

Fred Bucher

Fred has led successful marketing teams at some of the nation’s largest media companies. Currently he’s the Chief Marketing Officer of The Weather Group, the owner of the The Weather Channel television network and Local Now, a free streaming platform. He’s also a published author, blogger and frequent speaker.

In 2020 during the height of the pandemic Fred hosted a series of interviews with more than 40 of the must successful leaders in marketing, media, sports and technology. Originally created to help students and aspiring young professionals isolated during the Covid lockdown get access to invaluable career advice from the best in the industry, the insights and perspective are as relevant as ever.