Forget Passion, Be Curious

“Find your passion.”  Sometimes it’s “follow your passion.”  How many times have young people heard this piece of advice?  The “find/follow your passion” mantra is not just for the young.  It’s common advice for dissatisfied or uninspired professionals at any age looking for a better path. It’s so prevalent because it holds a lot of … Continue reading Forget Passion, Be Curious

Your Career Will Self Destruct in 60 Seconds

10…9…8…7…it’s hard to beat the excitement of a good countdown sequence.  One of my favorites (and I make no apologies for being a Star Trek fan) is the classic scene in the movie “The Search for Spock” when Captain Kirk initiates the self-destruct sequence on the Enterprise.  It’s a dramatic, Hail Mary type of move, … Continue reading Your Career Will Self Destruct in 60 Seconds

The #1 Quality in a Professional

Talent, no.  Education, definitely not.  Experience, nope.  Creativity, sorry.  Integrity and leadership, very important but not it.  All those qualities and many others I didn’t name are wonderful and certainly aspirational for all professionals, but they aren’t #1. The most important quality in a professional today is availability. Availability is the #1 quality in a … Continue reading The #1 Quality in a Professional