Introducing My New Book – All The Lies We Believe

We are not very good at recognizing illusions, least of all the ones we cherish about ourselves.

Thomas Merton

October 2015Manhattan

It was all there for the taking, the best the world had to offer, like it always had been his entire life. And tonight was no different to countless other nights. So, as he stood in the nude in his suite on the 24th floor of the Novotel Hotel, gazing at the view of New York’s incomparable Times Square, he prepared to indulge himself once again. Except tonight, things would not go as planned. The trajectory of his life, and that of many others, would be forever altered.

So begins my first novel, All The Lies We Believe. It’s a thriller with interesting, diverse characters. The book is pure fiction but the story and setting are right from the headlines – a global tech giant mounts a massive takeover of the nation’s largest media company, bitter corporate rivals fighting to be the next CEO, an unscrupulous president facing political oblivion fighting to win reelection, a reporter racing to uncover a huge conspiracy, a disgraced executive forced to confront his demons and troubled past in a fight to save his freedom, his family and his life.

I was incredibly heartened and grateful by the many generous responses to my blog post in December about my journey writing this book. All The Lies We Believe is a fun, fast paced read. I hope you decide to check out. You can click here to order your copy now. My thanks in advance.

Best wishes to everyone for a terrific 2022!

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