Thanks to Kellen Buhr

You may have noticed the slick opening animation on recent editions of Careers in 20/20.  I can’t take credit.  A terrific, talented young marketer named Kellen Buhr graciously put it together.  Kellen recently finished his graduate degree at Boise State and moved to New York City in search of his first ad agency gig.  As we know this is a tough time for those seeking to start their careers.  But one of the consistent insights from the guests on Careers in 20/20 is that persistence and talent always pays off – and Kellen has both in spades!

So on behalf of the the team here at For What It’s Worth (which is me basically) I want to thank Kellen Buhr for his contributions and I encourage my friends in the business, especially those at agencies, looking for young talent to make it point to meet him.

I’ll share a new episode Careers in 20/20 on Monday.  Enjoy the long weekend!


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