Know Thyself During Your Job Search

Sadly because of the pandemic many more people are currently, or soon will be, looking for a new job.  As someone going through a career transition currently, I put together a brief video to share a few thoughts on the process.  I hope it’s useful.

Also, I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and offering comments and feedback.  It’s a fun side project for me and I’m pleased to hear that people are enjoying it.  Please share it with your friends and colleagues if you’re so inclined.

Thanks and stay safe everyone.


3 thoughts on “Know Thyself During Your Job Search

  1. Hey Fred…been reading your posts and enjoying your insights. I dropped you a call a few weeks ago but I know u had a lot on your plate. It’s been a personal tough go for me as my baby sister (49) died in her sleep unexpectedly on March 20. Throw in the shadow of coronavirus, it’s been a challenge but we will persevere and it’s not just me but everyone. Love to catch up with you soon on the phone. I can’t thank u enough for all your support in the past and hope we can stay (well) connected. All the best to u and family

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