Careers in 20/20 – Ed Erhardt

Ed Erhardt joins Careers in 20/20.  He is near the top of any list of the most influential people in the sports and media business the past 25 years.  From 1999 until his retirement in 2019 Ed was the President of Global Sales and Marketing for ESPN.  During his tenure few people had more impact on the way we watch, engage with and monetize sports.  Prior to ESPN Erhardt was the Vice President/Group Publisher of Advertising Age, the industry bible. He served in a variety of roles and launched in 1994.

In March of 2019, he founded Erhardt Media Ventures, a Global Advisory and investment entity with unparalleled experience access and insight into advertising/marketing, media, and sports.

If you want advice about a career in sports, media and marketing, Ed is one of the best people to consult.  Enjoy and stay safe.

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