Careers in 20/20 – Rob King

Rob King, Senior Vice President, Original Content at ESPN, joins this edition of Careers in 20/20.  He is one the industry’s most accomplished and well respected journalists and story tellers who has held a variety of roles during a 30+ year career.  He joined ESPN in 2004 and during his career at the company he’s led editorial for, ESPN the Magazine, ESPN Originals and Sportscenter and News.

Rob is one of the executive producers for The Last Dance, the highest rated sports documentary in ESPN’s history.  I think I speak for millions of sports fans when I say THANK YOU to Rob and the entire team for bringing us that work during the height of the Covid-19 sports lockdown.

If you have any interest in building a career in media, journalism, story-telling or production, Rob’s advice is invaluable.  Enjoy and stay safe.

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