Reed Hastings – The Ultimate “Mad Man”

The headlines last week were head-spinning.  Elon Musk is buying Twitter, CNN+ shuttered barely a month into its existence, and Netflix took a pounding after announcing its first loss of subscribers in more than a decade.  Consuming media is our national pastime so it uniquely captures the attention of millions of consumers in ways no … Continue reading Reed Hastings – The Ultimate “Mad Man”

The Future of TV is Bright and Gray

The conventional wisdom in the media industry these days is that Covid 19 delivered the knock out blow to traditional television. For almost 20 years prognosticators have been predicting that the Internet revolution would ultimately disinter-mediate broadcast and cable television just as it did newspapers and magazines. Television held on longer because of the complex … Continue reading The Future of TV is Bright and Gray

Reinventing Sports Media In the Covid 19 Era

What impact will the pandemic have on upcoming sports media rights negotiations?  Once the games return, team owners, league executives and collegiate sports administrators face huge decisions about the primary financial engine that drives each of their respective sports: the television broadcasting rights.  Those decisions will impact millions of Americans. To cut to the chase, … Continue reading Reinventing Sports Media In the Covid 19 Era

Where’s the competition to SportsCenter?

Bloomberg broke the news recently that Fox executives are considering a plan to launch a national sports network to compete with ESPN.  The media largely focused on the impact of another deep-pocketed player in the lucrative sports rights marketplace. No doubt live events are the core of the business, attracting large audiences and driving big … Continue reading Where’s the competition to SportsCenter?