The #1 Quality in a Professional

Talent, no.  Education, definitely not.  Experience, nope.  Creativity, sorry.  Integrity and leadership, very important but not it.  All those qualities and many others I didn’t name are wonderful and certainly aspirational for all professionals, but they aren’t #1. The most important quality in a professional today is availability. Availability is the #1 quality in a … Continue reading The #1 Quality in a Professional

Diversity Now

The focus of For What It's Worth is building careers in marketing and media. I don't write about politics here.  Yet it's difficult to stay silent when faced with repeated, unspeakable criminal acts against innocent African Americans by bad cops who should have had their badges and guns taken away long ago, violence and destruction … Continue reading Diversity Now

The 3% Merit Fallacy

It's performance review season at many companies right now.  Managers are sitting with their direct report and, hopefully, having thoughtful discussions about areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.  Employees, hopefully, are sharing their thoughts on past performance and goals for the future. How one's performance is rated - and companies use various tools from … Continue reading The 3% Merit Fallacy