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A collection of some of my most read posts.

Who Do Your Play For?

There’s a great scene in the Disney film “Miracle” about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team.  Coach Herb Brooks is making the team endure countless punishing sprints following a lackluster effort in an exhibition game.  At one point he reminds the players that who they play for is bigger than them:  “The name on the … Continue reading Who Do Your Play For?

Too White and Too Young

Following the tremendous number of layoffs and job eliminations in 2020 I am seeing signs that companies in our industry are looking to add staff in 2021. Admittedly my evidence is anecdotal, largely based on what I see in my network and the comments of friends around the industry, but after the wreckage of 2020 … Continue reading Too White and Too Young

We Failed Our High School Seniors. They Will Do Better.

Today I’m venturing beyond the normal subject matter of my blog to share a more personal reflection.  For those who prefer reading about marketing and media, my apologies for this deviation.  For What It’s Worth will return to its regular programming with my next post. We let down our high school seniors and they have … Continue reading We Failed Our High School Seniors. They Will Do Better.

The Illusion of ROI

A marketer without a keen sense of the ROI (return on investment) of their campaigns and other business driving initiatives won’t be employed very long. It’s particularly important in our “Covid economy” where businesses are failing, revenue is down and operating budgets are constricted. Moreover, today’s marketing technology and data collection resources have set an … Continue reading The Illusion of ROI

The 3% Merit Fallacy

It’s performance review season at many companies right now.  Managers are sitting with their direct report and, hopefully, having thoughtful discussions about areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.  Employees, hopefully, are sharing their thoughts on past performance and goals for the future. How one’s performance is rated – and companies use various tools from … Continue reading The 3% Merit Fallacy

We’re all surfers

During the course of your career, there will be times when your job or project makes you feel like you caught the perfect wave.  When that happens, revel in the ride.  Professionally there’s nothing better. But just like every wave eventually breaks at the shoreline, no job or project lasts forever.  Inevitably you will need … Continue reading We’re all surfers